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Welcome to the A Squared podcast where through captivating guest interviews and spirited conversations we dive into all aspects of life! Sports, entertainment, social injustice, and parenting are just a few of the topics we cover. Give us a listen on your favorite streaming platform!






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Origin Story

The A Squared Podcast is hosted by the bona fide tandem of Antonio and Aaron. Antonio, a.k.a. Cornbread, has always had a love for sports. A former college football player, he now carries that competitiveness with him into all aspects of life –striving to be the best at whatever he does. He also has a passion for education, and lives by the principle that knowledge is power. Additionally, Antonio is a proud father, and leans on his life experiences with his son to discuss the real-world challenges of parenting on the show.

Aaron, a.k.a. DJ A-Ron, has always had a special connection with music. The former official DJ for the University of Illinois’ athletics teams, he’s played events everywhere from nightclubs to a boxing match at the iconic Forum in Los Angeles featuring legendary prize fighter Sugar Shane Mosley. DJ A-Ron is the proud owner of Power102Jamz – Worldwide Radio, and is dedicated to making other feel that indescribable, stress-relieving joy you only get from music.

Together, Cornbread and DJ A-Ron host a unique podcast that makes you laugh just as much as it makes you think. The show has no limitations and intersects with sports, politics, business, parenting, and whatever else organically arises in the conversation. Listen to the show one time and you’ll never want to miss another episode!

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